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Sunset Acres

Helpful Information for Sunset Acres Tenants

Tenant Information


On this page, we want to provide helpful information for applying for a home in Sunset Acres and also any information that you might need to get set up in your new home.

  1. Contact Rick at (806) 236-3090 to discuss your lease interest and to obtain leasing and credit applications.
  2. Turn in applications and schedule a personal interview.


Team Looby and Sunset Acres tenants use a private social network called Nextdoor to keep in touch with everyone in the neighborhood and look out for each other. We will post information relative to bad weather and emergencies, notifications about things going on in the neighborhood, missing/found pets and other communication that is private to Sunset Acres tenants.

You can use the Nextdoor network from your browser on your desktop computer or download the mobile app from the app store and we will give you a code to verify your membership in the neighborhood.

Nextdoor Website

Nextdoor Itunes App

Nextdoor Android App

Sunset Acres Utilities

Xcel Energy Amarillo1-800-895-4999

Atmos Energy


Amarillo Wireless


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